Helping individuals and couples navigate the joys and challenges of parenting


My Approach

Having worked with kids, adolescents and their families in various levels of care including private practice, schools, day-treatment, and hospital settings, I have a wide range of experience helping families. We all learned how to be parents from the way we were parented. Consequently, we will parent our children the way we were parented unless we consciously do it differently. My work with parents is about moving towards conscious parenting.

I am a parent myself and know first-hand the challenges of raising kids. I believe that parents today are faced with a whole new host of challenges and navigating through those areas can be very overwhelming, even for the most attuned and knowledgeable.

I support and guide parents through the rough waters, giving them a place to express their feelings and identify what is working and what is not. The old rules of parenting that may have once worked for earlier generations are insufficient for this generation. At the end of the day, it’s all about limits and love when it comes to kids.

Together, we will strategize, we will experiment, and we will build on your child’s strengths. We will work on becoming more conscious and intentional in our parenting. We will work on developing more empathy for our kids and all that they are dealing with.  We will focus on becoming more aware of how we  talk to our kids so that it feels respectful of their thoughts and feelings and we will model the values and habits that we would like most for them to internalize.

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